DS Jack Mackinnon Series

Book one in the DS Mackinnon series

DEADLY MOTIVE, the first book in an exciting new detective series…

The poison
It was a vicious, calculated murder using the deadly toxin aconite.

The victim
Rich and powerful, John Weston had plenty of enemies, but DS Mackinnon and the Major Investigation Team have to find out who hated him enough to subject him to such an excruciating death.

The suspects
Even when the source of the poison has been tracked down to a laboratory at the University of Oxford, the deadly threat remains. The staff and students at the university all seem to have something to hide.

The arrest
After an arrest is made, his colleagues believe the case is all but closed but Mackinnon’s nightmare is only just beginning.

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Deadly Revenge – Book two in the DS Mackinnon series

DEADLY REVENGE – The second book in the DS Jack Mackinnon series, coming summer 2012.

DS Jack Mackinnon’s career is in serious trouble. Still in the Detective Chief Inspector’s bad books and excluded from the Major Investigation team, Mackinnon is assigned a case nobody wants.

All over the city, heroin addicts are dying but not from an overdose of heroin. In each case, the addict bled to death.

Were these addicts victims of a contaminated supply of heroin, or were they targeted for a reason?

As Jack Mackinnon investigates, he discovers a horrifying link to a crime committed a decade ago.

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