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DEADLY OBSESSION is the prequel to the DS Jack Mackinnon Crime Series.


A young Polish girl fixated on fame ~ A killer with a deadly obsession

DS Jack Mackinnon has his work cut out trying to track down missing student, Anya Blonski. As Mackinnon follows the trail of obsession to the shady owners of the Star Academy, who thrive on society’s obsession with reality TV shows, he realises the fame they offer comes at a price.

When a second girl goes missing from the same academy, Mackinnon is forced to consider a serial killer may be stalking the city.

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The first book in a new series, featuring Jack Mackinnon, a detective sergeant in the City of London Police

Deadly Motive (Book one)

A guilty secret. A gruesome murder. A DEADLY  MOTIVE. 

Who wanted John Weston to die?

When John Weston is found poisoned in his plush City of London office, DS Jack Mackinnon soon discovers there are plenty of people who hold a grudge against the science investor. With an ever-increasing list of suspects, Jack Mackinnon and the rest of the major investigation team need to unravel the secrets surrounding the victim and find out who plotted Weston’s execution with a deadly toxin.

When the source of the poison is tracked down to a laboratory at the University of Oxford, the staff and students all close ranks. It seems that everyone has a secret to hide. As he gets closer to the truth, Mackinnon finds his own family could be at risk.

DEADLY MOTIVE is currently available on Amazon. Please click on one of the following links:


One by one, they will pay for the past… 

Deadly Revenge (book two)

DS Jack Mackinnon’s career is in serious trouble. Still in the Detective Chief Inspector’s bad books and excluded from the Major Investigation team, Mackinnon is assigned a case nobody wants.

All over the city, heroin addicts are dying but not from an overdose of heroin. In each case, the addict bled to death. Were these addicts victims of a contaminated supply of heroin, or were they targeted for a reason?

As Jack Mackinnon investigates, he discovers a horrifying link to a crime committed a decade ago.

Not forgotten. And never forgiven…


He’s coming… Time to run. Time to hide. Time to die.

Summer 2012: The Olympic games are underway in London.  

The city is basking in a late summer heatwave, which is sparking unrest on the streets. It also seems to have triggered an unusually high number of suicides.

As the dead bodies pile up, DS Mackinnon and the rest of MIT realise things aren’t as straightforward as they seem, and when the same letter is found at the scene of each ‘suicide,’ Mackinnon realises they are dealing with a serial killer.

The killer believes the police aren’t doing their job properly and he is determined to deliver his own deadly justice.


23 Responses to Home

  1. TBM says:

    I’ll have to check this series out. I just moved to London and this sounds great! I love thrillers! I wish you much success with your writing. You are an inspiration.

  2. dsbutler says:

    Thanks TBM! That’s very nice of you to say so. I hope you are enjoying life in London.

    • TBM says:

      Hope you don’t mind my asking, how do you get your book out there? How do you get it reviewed? And yes, I’m loving London!!!!

  3. Jon says:

    When will Deadly Justice be available on Kindle and are there any more books of the series in the pipeline. I can’t wait as I have enjoyed all your other books in the series.

    • dsbutler says:

      Thanks, Jon. I’m glad you are enjoying the series so far, and yes there will be more books in the series. Deadly Justice should be available for kindle within the month. There have been a few hold ups with this title, but it is nearly there!

  4. Bob Hartley says:

    I have prevously read Deadly Motive and Deadly Revenge and just finished Deadly Obsession – now eagerly waiting for Deadly Justice and any other follow on


    • dsbutler says:

      Thanks very much, Bob! I’m very glad you’re enjoying the books. Deadly Justice will be on Amazon soon, and I hope you like that too.

  5. missisgoodley says:

    Loved all the books so far , devoured one after the other ! Can’t find “Deadly Justice” though, despite it being promised for the end of last year ! Am I.missing something ? (it wouldn’t be the first time haha xx)

    • dsbutler says:

      Thank you! So glad you have enjoyed the series so far 🙂 You are right the next book should have been out in 2012. Unfortunately there have been some production delays with Deadly Justice, but the problems will be sorted out soon and the book will be available at the end of April/ early May. Sorry to keep you waiting!

  6. SHARON says:

    Thanks for the great book. I really enjoyed the suspense and the characters – he police work. I look forward to reading the next book. I am going to order it now!

  7. Carole GOURLAY says:

    I’ve just found your books, and like them very much. I have downloaded all the first three for my holidays, when will Deadly Justice be on kindle?

  8. Carole GOURLAY says:

    Hi – love your books, when will deadly justice be released on kindle? X

    • dsbutler says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m really sorry about the delay, but it will be out very soon. I will post here and send out my newsletter as soon as it is released. Thanks again 🙂

  9. Kelly M says:

    Hi eagerly awaiting deadly justice, love your books, so please write more

  10. Terr ( female) says:

    Hello dsbutler. Just found Deadly Motive- Brill.book, couldn’t put it down. Really like your style. Will order others but should I read Deadly Obsession first- if it’s a prequel? Long may you write.

    • dsbutler says:

      Thanks 🙂 Really glad you liked it. Deadly Obsession is probably the best one to read next as it is the prequel, and it is only 99p at the moment!

      • Terr ( female) says:

        Interesting! Does this apply to Amazon as they are charging me £6.97, which was fine ’til I got yr message above. Funnily enough they have sent 2 e-mails delaying postage . When I queried price with them they said there was no 99p offer but all of a sudden they have offered to send me the book immediately – at no xtra postage!! Still looking forward to reading it tho.

  11. Jeff K says:

    Just read your D S Karen Hart books and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Where Secrets Lie had a special resonance with us as we lived in Skellingthorpe for over two years in the mid 70s, in one of the “nice bungalows” that you referred to. We had friends in Cherry Willingham and my wife worked in the Lincoln County Hospital. We remember Saxilby (with its Fertiliser factory), and travelled up Lindum Hill many times as well as going along the Wragby Road. This was our first own house which was located on the Birds Holt estate; the abattoir was still polluting the local air at the time hence the nickname at the time of “Smelly Skelly”. It brought back many other happy memories too. We are looking forward to reading the rest of your books

    • dsbutler says:

      Thanks, Jeff! I’m so glad you and your wife enjoyed the books. I live near Lincoln so it’s been really fun to put local places in the books.

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