Deadly obsession – out now!

DEADLY OBSESSION the prequel to the DS Jack Mackinnon series is now available for Kindle!  |

It is currently on sale at the special price of 99p.

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For those readers who haven’t yet joined the ebook revolution, Deadly Obsession will be published in paperback soon 😉

Here’s the book description:


A young Polish girl fixated on fame ~ A killer with a deadly obsession

DS Jack Mackinnon has his work cut out trying to track down missing student, Anya Blonski. As Mackinnon follows the trail of obsession to the shady owners of the Star Academy, who thrive on society’s obsession with reality TV shows, he realises the fame they offer comes at a price.

When a second girl goes missing from the same Academy, Mackinnon is forced to consider a serial killer may be stalking the city.

Thanks and happy reading!

Danica  |  |  iTunes  |  B&N  |  Kobo

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5 Responses to Deadly obsession – out now!

  1. If you put it it on a tweet, to (at )seumasgallacher,  I’ll schedule it on a timed Tweetdeck program for several days , m”lady .:):


    • dsbutler says:

      Thanks, Seumas. That’s really kind of you. I’ll definitely do that as soon as I get the links from Amazon.

      My husband has read both of your books now – and really enjoyed them! I still have them in my TBR pile 🙂

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  3. stephenedger says:

    Best of luck with the new release. What inspired you to write a prequel?
    Looking forward to getting my copy as enjoyed the original. Will be happy to Tweet or RT any links.

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