Happy Father’s Day!

I have been blown away by the lovely comments about my new book, Deadly Revenge. Each and every person who has taken the time to email, message or tweet me with kind comments – thank you!

Of all the feedback I have received about the two books in my DS Jack Mackinnon series the comment that touched me most was from my dad.

Let me explain.

My dad isn’t much of a reader. At least not of fiction. He reads the paper every day and has lots of non-fiction books, but as for fiction, he just isn’t interested.

On the other hand, I have always loved to read just for sheer entertainment. I get that from my mum.

It isn’t that I haven’t tried to encourage my dad to read fiction, to try and pass on my enthusiasm for stories, but he just doesn’t enjoy it. I suspect there are many people out there like my dad, reading to learn, to acquire knowledge, but not for enjoyment.

When I was studying English at school, we were given Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I loved the story of Lennie and George, and I was convinced my dad would like it too. So I nagged, wheedled and downright begged until he read it. And he enjoyed it. But not enough to read another fictional book.

That was when I was fifteen. Now I am in my thirties, and as far as I know, my dad hasn’t read another fictional book since Of Mice and Men. I think he has listened to a couple of audiobook stories, and he likes to listen to the plays on Radio 4, but when it come to fictional books, he still isn’t interested.

Until March, when he bought Deadly Motive, my first book. I appreciated the support, but I didn’t expect him to actually read it.

But he did.

He bought the ebook (as the paperback was not released at that point). And as he didn’t have an ereader, he read the book every night on his PC. I can’t put into words how much that means to me. So I won’t even try.

I’ll just say: Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

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1 Response to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Lovely blog.. Of Mice an Men was one of my favourites… I loved all of Steinbeck’s works. Enjoy your week, m’Lady :):)

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